TaleSpin Hindi Dubbed Episodes 480p HD MP4

A young orphan cub with a valuable jewel determines to fix it with a daring bush pilot against air pirates.
The machine. If it fails, all the pilots in Cape Suset will be out of work.
Kit is troubled by his first baby-sitting job, and he promises Rebecca that his daughter Molly is safe with him. However, the little girl turns out to be a handful!
Ballu loses a customer’s goods, assuming Rebecca’s both allegations that he can’t follow the instructions and that a sightseeing trip can be run strictly according to a schedule.
The broken promises of Rebecca’s time disillusioned and alienated Molly. When Molly finds a domestic pet, she tries to become a surrogate mother for the little creature.
Rebecca blew up the sea duck after she temporarily suspended her sand licence while trying to drive out the child pirates. The move causes high for Higher’s efforts to give a rich desert prince a block of snow.

Series Information:

Series Name: TaleSpin

Release: TV Series (1990–1991)

Quality: 480p – 250MB (1CD)

Running Time: 65 Minutes Per Ep.

Language: Hindi Dubbed

Type: Action/Adventure Comedy-drama Dieselpunk Mystery Crime Fantasy

Encoded By: Coolsanime

TaleSpin Hindi All Episode Download 480p HD Compressed

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CD 10 : NEW
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      1. Actually , there were 21 volumes of Tale spin released in hindi. only 10 volumes are available online. and also Vol .11 somewhere. where can the remaining volumes be online?

  1. hi again, there are some 65 episodes in total, the above file has 30 episodes. though its more then enough to get the old memories back, but if you can get the rest of them i will be more greatful to you.

    thanks a ton

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