Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors (2018) Hindi Dubbed Web-DL 480p [174MB] | 720p [845MB]

Original Title: Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors
IMDB Ratings: 5.2/10
Duration: 1h 20min
Release Date: 30 September 2018
Genres:  Animation, Action, Comedy
Language: Hindi Dubbed
Quality: BluRay
Size: 480p 174MB | 720p 845MB

Kamala Khan is a teenager who lives in Jersey City, New Jersey, and is also an inhumane with shaping abilities and has won a secret life as superheroine Ms. Marvel. She recognizes Captain Marvel and skirmishes with her mother, who believes her interest in superheroes is going to waste time. Caterpillar and her best friend, Doreen Green, a fellow superhero known as the squirrel girl, intercepts a thief in the park who steals from a food vendor. The thief is Dante Pertz, who can control and manipulate the fire. The girls also meet Victor Kohl, who monitors Dante and tells them how he is working to protect The Humanes from his own destructive powers, however, both Victor and Dante fled the scene. Caterpillar and Doren have contacted S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Quack and the Patriot, who keep an eye on violent incidents involving incumbies. Agents leave, and two friends decide to find Victor and Dante and solve themselves inhumane incidents and prove that these men should be seen as heroes and not threats.

Shavez has his motorcycle stolen by Dante, who is still unwilling to work with Victor, because he hates his powers over how he ruined his life. A accidental gas explosion in street forces U.S., Caterpillar, Doren and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to work together. Shortly after, Quek is arrested by the agency for unequal action in the investigation of Inhumans. Caterpillar returns when his powers were activated by the Terrigan bomb, and fear that Dante may be struggling with his powers. He and Doran argue about whether they should trust Dante or Victor. Victor offered Caterpillar to join her outfit, and when she turns her supernatural personality into exile, she fights. He revealed that he was working for Hala The Accessor, who is shouting at the Inamans to join a military foreign army. Deportation kidnaps Caterpillar, and she disappears in a portal. Doren joins up with the U.S. and the Patriots to save Caterpillar. He helps Quek to get out of custody, join him and says he is also an inhuman. He is also joined by Captain Marvel, who use his resources to assist in the search.

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